MAP (Hon Mention)

The concept for this project was to explore the versatility of aluminum as both an aesthetic material and a structural material. Aluminum – in addition to being a beautiful finish material – is a strong, yet lightweight material. The challenge then, was to develop a design as versatile as the material itself – in design, function, and size. From this concept the Modular Aluminum Pod (MAP) was created, since it can be customized to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of each individual user or program. MAP utilizes the versatility of aluminum by combining structural elements, envelope systems, and furniture systems to create a space that is sophisticated in design and function, and can be quickly assembled. Customization, simplicity, efficiency, and ease of use define the Modular Aluminum Pod system.

design:Dimitris Gourdoukis, Claudia Barahona
awards:Honorable mention in SUS 5th Aluminum Competition, Japan
publications:— Ecoms, vol. 23 (1), Tokyo, 2008.
MAP (Hon Mention)Dimitris Gourdoukis