InflateIt is an idea for the development of a protocol for the production of modular housing units.
The process begins with the generation of random elevation patterns. Those patterns are getting tested in a light simulator software (ecotect) for different locations, seasons and times so an initial database of solutions is created. Each time that units have to be produced, random patterns are tested until a satisfactory solution is found. The tests are added to the database.
The feedback of the users is used in order to re-evaluate the data collected. The production of new units is becoming a self-learning process for the program. At the same time the users with their feedback are altering the initial standards in a never-ending, multiple exchange and altering of information.
The growth of the database is strictly related to the growth of the inflateit settlements and follows similar self-referencial patterns. The data stored in the database gets transformed from data regarding lighting strategies to data regarding relationships.

design:Dimitris Gourdoukis, Katerina Tryfonidou
publications:— “Projects” in (new) Panel Layout for Competition Seoul: DAMDI Publishing Co., 2012.
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InflateItDimitris Gourdoukis