F(lying).I(nfo).C(ollectors) is a proposal for the Piraeus Tower 2010 competition that was asking for the ‘reformation’ of the facades of an existing tower in Piraeus, Greece. The project’s intention is to render the Tower as an information “bulletin board” where data will be presented. The information deals with the people concentration at the port, vehicle traffic at the port and the levels of air pollution at downtown Piraeus.
The data is collected and displayed through small flying robots which are equipped with sensors able to receive data concerning human flow and vehicle traffic and to measure air pollution. The robots fly in the sky in groups and then return on the Tower to “nest” on a metal structure on the building’s facades. The way the flying robots will be located on the surface of the facade will be electronically defined according to the needs of the activity interior to the building. When the birds are in the air, they will both collect and broadcast the data: the shape and color of the flying swarm will be the mode of communicating the data to the public. Little by little, the people will be able to understand the message that is being transmitted, by looking at the formations of the flying robots.
At night the flying robots will radiate light thus creating a flow of light around the Tower.
design:Theodora Christoforidou, Dimitris Gourdoukis, Vasilis Ntovros, Katerina Tryfonidou, Fotis Vasilakis
F.I.C.Dimitris Gourdoukis