morphField is a script implemented in maxscript that creates a (2-dimentional or 3-dimentional) array of an object that is loaded with several morph targets. The multiplier of each target is affected by its distance from an attractor point and the range of that point that can be found and edited in the modify panel with the attractor selected. Each different target is affected by a different locator/point. In order to use the script:

Create the base object and as many targets as needed. Run the scripts and follow the instruction on the UI.

note: the tag ‘select: true’ in the ‘pickObject’ command that would highlight the selection of the targets in the viewport seems broken in max 2010 and 2011, while it seems to work on 2012. uncomment if you are using 2012 (line 94).

Download the script here.

morphField_v1.msDimitris Gourdoukis