Blend shapes field (mel)

This is a script implemented in mel that created a (2-dimentional or 3-dimentional) array of an object that is loaded with several blendShapes. The multiplier of each blendShape is affected by its distance from an attractor point. Each different blendShape is affected by a different locator/point. In order to use the script:

BEFORE running the script do:
1. create an object to use a seed and name it theSeed
2. dublicate theSeed up to 10 times and transform the dublicates at will. name the new objects theTarget1, theTarget2 etc.
3. create as many space locators as the target objects and name them attractor1, attractor2 etc.

4. RUN the script.
in the generated UI:
5. enter the # of rows, # of clms, x step and y step values.
6. enter the # of blendShapes value. It HAS to be equal to the number of target objects.
7. hit ‘create field’.
8. select each locator. in the attribute editor, under extra attributes, adjust the range values.

Download the script here (save link as…)

Blend shapes field (mel)Dimitris Gourdoukis