Waveprints is a proposal for the design of a new residential area and the redesign of the waterfront of the city of Simrishamn, Sweden.
The residential area is formed through the use of modular, yet locally customizable, housing units that are developed in four different types, each one accommodating different needs. The design of the houses echoes the traditional houses of the city center in terms of size, but follows a modern approach in terms of form and layout.
Concerning the waterfront, the main intention was to inverse the current condition where the city is turning its back on the water, while there lays one of its most interesting elements. Routes parallel to the coast are created, in different levels and with different materials, implying a conceptual continuation of the waves into the land. At the same time several ‘sit-out-eries’ are created along the coastline in order to give the possibility to the citizens or the visitors to gather – or to ‘isolate’ themselves – while watching the sea.

design:Dimitris Gourdoukis, George Karatzas, Vaso Papaspyrou.
WaveprintsDimitris Gourdoukis