Surface Heat (Honorable mention)

SurfaceHeat is an entry for the Elith Competition where it was awarded with an honorable mention. The competition was asking for a design of a marble heating appliance. The submitted entry is an application of the surfaceTension research line.
SurfaceHeat proposes for the theme of the competition a functional software tool that is able to produce a large variety of 3-dimentional surfaces that can be fabricated digitally with a 3-axis CNC milling machine. While the software can produce a virtually infinite number of different surfaces, all of them share some common characteristics that make the surfaces recognizable as members of the same family, while at the same time unique. The similarity between the different surfaces is a result of the design principles that are embedded in the code that makes the software. Therefore, far from being a generic tool, the software accommodates very specific design principles and digital fabrication methods while retaining it versatility and robustness.
The process allowed by the software can accommodate a large array of different stone materials, surface finishes and sizes.


design:object-e | Dimitris Gourdoukis & Katerina Tryfonidou with (1st & 2nd phase): Garyfallos Papadopoulos (1st phase): Eleanna Panagoulia and Nikos Christodoulou, (2nd phase): Christos Gourdoukis
awards:Elith Competition: Honorable Mention
publications:— in Panel Layout for Competition v.2 (Seoul: DAMDI Publishing Co., 2016)

Surface Heat (Honorable mention)Dimitris Gourdoukis