Glowing Cloud

Glowing cloud is a proposal for the competition organized by the Hellenic World Foundation that was a call for solutions regarding the open space between the three existing buildings of the foundation in Athens, Greece.
The main element of the proposal is a sheltering structure that is made out of translucent boxes, which are providing shadow during the day while becoming lighting devices during the night. The structure consists of a basic grid that has different levels of subdivisions at different places. The degree of the subdivisions is the result of a generative field that encodes information regarding the light / shadow levels of the open space and all the possible movements that have to be accommodated.

» info:
Theodora Christoforidou, Dimitris Gourdoukis, Katerina Tryfonidou, Fotis Vasilakis.
— “Projects” in (new) Panel Layout for Competition Seoul: DAMDI Publishing Co., 2012.
Glowing CloudDimitris Gourdoukis